The game of rencontres

the game of rencontres

Welcome, opening poems and introduction. Decolonizing Critical Theory and International Relations. Robbie Shilliam, Johns Hopkins University.

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Bandung, the Tricontinental, and Black Justice. Los condenados de la tierra y el neoliberalismo en América Latina.

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Decolonizing Critical Theory and Community Engagement. Decolonization within and without the Academy.

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On Black Intellectuals, Dehumanization and Commitment. A Decolonial Turn for Thoughtful Activism. Parallels, Pitfalls, and Possibilities.

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Decolonization in and through Music and Dance. Talk and performance.

6ème édition des Rencontres Recherche et Création

Lewis R. Music, Visual Art, and Decolonization. Detailed program TBA. Nicholas Mirzoeff, New York University.

For a Decolonial Devisuality. Book Launch. Frantz Fanon.

Giulia est à Rome, je la rencontre demain matin. Giulia is in Rome. I' il meet her tomorrow. Présentez un programme clair et détaillé de la rencontre. Prepare a clear and detailed presentation of the meeting's programme.

Alienation and Freedom. Fanon, Freedom and Alienation.

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Robert J. Young, New York University, author of Postcolonialism: A Critical Reader. Members of the Rutgers Decoloniality Cluster. Health, Gender, and Decoloniality: Fanonian Insights.

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Tala Khanmlek, Princeton University. Resignation, Healing, and the Spirit of Bandung. Searching the game of rencontres a Decolonial Practice the game of rencontres Theory.

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Closing and Looking Forward.